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Estate Jewelry001-985-00557

$800.00  $400.00

Estate 18KY Ring with 13.2x10.6mm Oval Amethyst & 0.08cttw of SI HI Diamonds

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00371


Sterling Silver, 8mm Cushion Green Amethyst Bezel BZS668

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04988


10K White Gold, Oval Amethyst & 0.01cttw Diamond Ring

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05002


14K White Gold, Amethyst & 0.02cttw Diamond Ring by Allison-Kaufman

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03088


Classic Chain Silver Lava Extra Small Bracelet 5mm with Amethyst, Size M by John Hardy

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03909


Sterling Silver, Created Amethyst & Diamond Rhythm of Love Heart Pendant & Chain

Silver Pendant001-635-05400


Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace, Gold Amethyst

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04977


10K White Gold, Amethyst & Diamond Band

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04979


10K White Gold, Amethyst & Diamond Band

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04987


14K Rose Gold, Amethyst & 0.13cttw Diamond Ring

Estate Jewelry001-985-00267

$599.00  $299.50

ESTATE 14K Yellow Gold, 12X10mm Oval Amethyst Scroll Base Pendant & Chain

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03270


YGP Sterling Silver, Green Amethyst & Sky Blue Topaz Earrings by Michou

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03911


YGP Sterling Silver, Amethyst & Blue Chalcedony Pendant by Michou

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03912


YGP Sterling Silver, Green Amethyst & Sky Blue Topaz Pendant by Michou

Estate Jewelry001-985-00364

$295.00  $147.50

ESTATE Antiqued Sterling Silver, Amethyst Pendant by Lorenzo

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04967


14K Rose Gold, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Citrine & 0.56cttw Diamond Ring by Luvente

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03255


Sterling Silver, Trioval Paua Shell & Amethyst Earrings by Marta Howell

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03878


Sterling Silver, Trioval Paua Shell & Oval Amethyst Pendant by Marta Howell

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03879


Sterling Silver, Rectangular Paua Shell & Amethyst Pendant by Marta Howell

Colored Stone Necklace001-235-00221


Strand of 7mm Facetted Amethyst Beads 20"

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03873


14K Yellow Gold, Green Amethyst, Blue Topaz & 0.02cttw Diamond Pendant

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03074


Sterling Silver, Oval Amethyst & Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03073


Yellow Gold Plated, Sterling Silver, Amethyst/Mother of Pearl Bolo Bracelet

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03223


14K White Gold, 7X5mm Cushion Shaped Amethyst Earrings

Silver Earrings001-645-05511


Kendra Scott Elle Earrings, Gold Chevron Amethyst

Silver Pendant001-635-05072


Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace, Gold Chevron Amethyst

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03238


Sterling Silver, Amethyst Rhythm of Love Earrings

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00337


Sterling Silver, Square Caerleon Bezel w/ Amethyst/Hematite

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03052


Sterling Silver, Hematite/Green Amethyst Doublet Slide

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03053


Sterling Silver, Capri Cut Amethyst Slide

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03230


14K White Gold, 2.01cttw Amethyst & 0.13cttw Diamond Earrings

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03212


Sterling Silver & Vermeil, Blue Chalcedony & Amethyst Earrings by Michou

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03214


Sterling Silver & Vermeil, Teal Topaz, Amethyst & Blue Topaz Earrings by Michou

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03750


Sterling Silver & Vermeil, Green Amethyst, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Garnet & Pink Topaz Pendant & Chain by Michou

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03027


Sterling Silver & Vermeil, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Amethyst & Pearl Toggle Bracelet by Michou

Fashion Ring001-200-04895


14K White Gold, Amethyst & 0.12cttw Diamond Ring