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14K White Gold, Razorback Pendant with Ruby Eye

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04778


14K White Gold, Ruby & 0.19cttw Diamond Ring by Gabriel & Co

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03373


10K White Gold, Oval Ruby & 0.02cttw Diamond Earrings

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04091


10K White Gold, Oval Ruby & 0.01ct Diamond Pendant & Chain

Silver Pendant001-635-06528


Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace, Gold Ruby Red

Silver Earrings001-645-06989


Gold Ruby Red Ellie Earrings, by Kendra Scott

Silver Pendant001-635-06634


Sterling Silver, LG Ruby and 0.20cttw Sim Dia Pendant

Silver Earrings001-645-07091


Sterling Silver, LG Ruby and 0.34cttw Sim Dia Stud Earrings

Silver Pendant001-635-06782


Elisa Silver Pendant Necklace In Ruby Red, by Kendra Scott

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05314


14K Vanilla Gold, Passion Ruby with 0.20ct Vanilla Diamonds, by Le Vian

Silver Bracelet001-610-08315


Naga Double Dragon Head Bracelet with African Ruby Eyes, sz S by John Hardy

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05214


14K Rose Gold, 0.20cttw Diamond & Ruby Ring

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05340


14KW Gold, Ruby and 0.13cttw Dia Ring

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05342


14KW Gold, Ruby and 0.21cttw Dia Ring

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05310


14KY Gold, Ruby and 0.23cttw Diamond Clover Ring

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05357


10K White Gold, Ruby & Diamond Band

Silver Bracelet001-610-08362


Legends Naga Silver Double Dragon Head Bracelet on Slim Chain with African Ruby Eyes, Size M by John Hardy

Silver Ring001-620-01838


Sterling Silver, Lab Gr Ruby and 0.20cttw Sim Dia Ring, by Lafonn

Estate Jewelry001-985-00786


14KYG Marq Ruby and Diamond Cluster RIng

Estate Jewelry001-985-00800


Estate: 14KYG Ruby and 0.12ct SI H Diamond Ring

Estate Jewelry001-985-00913

$1,300.00  $650.00

Estate: 10YG Castle Height Military Acadmey 1953 Sim Ruby Ring

Estate Jewelry001-985-00914

$1,000.00  $500.00

Estate: Oval Ruby & 0.20 SI H-I Dia RIng

Estate Jewelry001-985-00929

$800.00  $400.00

Estate: 14KYG Ruby and 0.03ct Dia RIng

Estate Jewelry001-985-00939

$400.00  $200.00

Estate: 10KBHG Ruby and 0.03cttw Dia Ring

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05406


10KYG Ruby and 0.33cttw Dia Ring

Estate Jewelry001-985-01078

$900.00  $450.00

Estate 14K YG Ruby & 0.25cttw Diamond Ring size 6.5 30 Day Warranty

Estate Jewelry001-985-01090

$400.00  $200.00

Estate 10K YG Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring size 8.0 30 Day Warranty

Estate Jewelry001-985-01091

$400.00  $200.00

Estate 10K YG Ruby Ring size 8.0 30 Day Warranty

Estate Jewelry001-985-01157

$750.00  $375.00

Estate 14K YG Ruby & Diamond Cross Slide 30 Day Warranty

Estate Jewelry001-985-01179

$2,500.00  $1,250.00

Estate 18K YG Ruby & 0.43cttw Diamond Ring size 5 30 Day Warranty

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03532


14K White Gold, 4mm Round 0.64cttw Ruby Earrings

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03533


14K White Gold Oval 0.43cttw Ruby Studs

Ruby and Diamond RingRuby

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Custom Ruby and diamond ring. Client had an heirloom ruby ring and a pair of diamond studs that had been handed down through her family. We were able to put them into one ring and incorporate her initials under the Ruby and Diamonds.