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Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04013


Sterling Silver, Created White Topaz & Diamond Rhythm of Love Heart Pendant & Chain

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03993


Sterling Silver, Created Blue Topaz & Diamond Rhythm of Love Heart Pendant & Chain

Silver Bracelet001-610-07277


Silver & 14K RGP, 6.5" April I Love You More Bracelet- White Topaz- by Ronaldo

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05087


10K White Gold, Blue Topaz & Diamond Band

Colored Stone Necklace001-235-00245


Sterling Silver, Larimar & Blue Topaz Necklace from the Atlantic Collection by Marahlago

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03314


Sterling Silver, Larimar & Blue Topaz Earrings from the Atlantic Collection by Marahlago

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05043


14K Rose, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Blue Topaz, and 0.13cttw of Diamonds, by Bellari

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03941


14K Yellow & White Gold, 8mm Blue Topaz Davinchi Cut Pendant & Chain by Galatea

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03934


14K White Gold, 10mm Blue Topaz Davinchi Cut Pendant by Galatea

Colored Stone Necklace001-235-00236


Dot Silver Sautoir Necklace with 10mm Turquoise, 6mm Swiss Blue Topaz & Black Sapphires, 36" by John Hardy

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04992


14K White Gold, Blue Topaz & 0.11cttw Diamond Ring

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03285


14K Yellow & White Gold, 6.5mm Blue Topaz Davinchi Cut Earrings by Galatea

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00366


Sterling Silver, 9X7mm DC Oval Blue Topaz Caerleon Bezel BZS342

Estate Jewelry001-985-00286

$699.00  $349.50

ESTATE 14K White Gold, Blue Topaz, Peridot & Diamond Ring

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00357


Sterling Silver, Oval Caerleon Bezel w/9X7mm Facetted Blue Topaz/Mother of Pearl

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03058


Sterling Silver, Capri Cut Blue Topaz Slide

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04967


14K Rose Gold, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Citrine & 0.56cttw Diamond Ring by Luvente

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03882


Sterling Silver, Paua Shell Pagoda & Trillion Blue Topaz Pendant by Marta Howell

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03873


14K Yellow Gold, Green Amethyst, Blue Topaz & 0.02cttw Diamond Pendant

Colored Stone Ring001-200-04930


14K White Gold, 6.62ct Swiss Blue Topaz & 0.24cttw Diamond Ring by Gabriel & Co

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03804


14K White Gold, Sky Blue Topaz & 0.12cttw Diamond Pendant & Chain

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-03774


Sterling Silver, Rhythm of Love White Topaz Pendant & Chain

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03027


Sterling Silver & Vermeil, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Amethyst & Pearl Toggle Bracelet by Michou



14K Rose Gold, London Blue Topaz & 0.17cttw Chocolate & White Diamond Pendant by LeVian



14K RGP, "My Favorite Gem" Bracelet 7.5" with White Topaz by Ronaldo



Sterling Silver & 18K Rose Gold, Blue Topaz & Diamond Enhancer by Bellarri



14K White Gold, London Blue Topaz & 0.08cttw Diamond Pendant & Chain

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00231


Sterling Silver, 8mm Princess Cut White Topaz Caerleon Bezel

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00287


Sterling Silver, 8mm DC Round Blue Topaz Caerleon Bezel BZS1236

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00266


Sterling Silver, 8mm Cushion Blue Topaz Bezel BZS627

Fashion Ring001-200-04574


14K White Gold, London Blue Topaz & 0.10cttw Diamond Ring