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Silver Bracelet001-610-06800


Classic Chain with Four Garnet Stations, size Medium, by John Hardy

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03367


10K White Gold, Oval Garnet & 0.02cttw Diamond Earrings



Sterling Silver, Rhodalite Garnet Slide

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04095


10K White Gold, Oval Garnet & 0.01ct Diamond Pendant & Chain

Caerleon Bezel001-920-00392


Princess Cut Garnet-Pyrope with a Halo of CZs, 6X6MM Bezel

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04065


14KW Garnet Diam Pendant

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05212


10K White Gold, Garnet & Diamond Band

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04177


14K Strawberry Gold, Opal, Rhodolite Garnet & 0.13cttw Diamond Pendant by LeVian



Sterling Silver, Pyrope Garnet Slide

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03346


14KW Garnet Diam. Earrings

Colored Stone Bracelet001-240-03178


Sterling Silver & Vermeil, Peridot, Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet & Blue Topaz Cuff Bracelet by Michou

Colored Stone Necklace001-235-00230


Strand of Facetted Hessonite Garnet Beads 18"

Colored Stone Necklace001-235-00231


Strand of Smooth Hessonite Garnet Beads 18"

Silver Earrings001-645-07664


Sterling Silver, Garnet and 0.34cttw Sim Dia Stud Earrings, by Lafonn

Silver Pendant001-635-07360


Sterling Silver Created Garnet Rythym of Love Pendant

Colored Stone Ring001-200-05204


10K White Gold, Oval Garnet & 0.01cttw Diamond Ring

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04127


Silver and 22kt Vermeil Amber, Pearl, Peridot, Amethyst and Rhodolite Garnet Cluster Pendant

Silver Pendant001-635-07150


Sterling Silver, Garnet and 0.20cttw Sim Dia Pendant, By Lafonn

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03499


14KY Gold, Garnet and 0.12cttw Diamond Stud Earrings

Colored Stone Pendants001-230-04211


Sterling Silver, Created Garnet & Diamond Rhythm of Love Heart Pendant & Chain

Colored Stone Earrings001-210-03365


SIlver and 22kt Vermeil Amber, Peridot, Pearl, Amethyst and Rhodolite Garnet Cluster Earrings

Garnet WeaveGarnet Weave

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Antiques Cushion shape Garnet with a white gold weave, capped with two yellow bands.